This section is to show some of my early design work on paper and to illustrate the importance of showing your work in early stages of development.

Each of these images are the early paper designs from projects that I worked on or more personal projects I often take up in my spare time.

Level design is an iterative process and the final versions of these levels often differ greatly to what was conceived at the time of making these initial designs, however paper level designs give you a good idea of space, scale, focal points, signposting and the overall feel of what the final level could be.

Please bear in mind these are very early designs and as such may be very rough in nature.


Below are some examples of my writing and the process I go through when writing. These are a mix between novels written during National Novel Writing Month, screenplays and short stories. They give a good example of my rough work when scripting out scenes for games or other media.

Aboard The Sunspear - Novel

Cleaning Up - Script

Fate's Hand - Short Story

Tooth and Claw - Short Story